Passing Through Airport Security

“Argh!”  I hear you all scream.  “why is airport security so slow?!”

Bottom line is airport security is necessary these days due to global terrorist threats.  Unfortunately, we are the product of our own stresses.  Airport security is usually so slow not because of the procedure but because of us!  

We are completely unprepared every time we fly, especially when it comes to the ‘Liquid’ restrictions.  Why?  The rules have been implemented for over 10 years!  And whatever you do DO NOT argue with the security officers.  It is an argument you WILL LOSE!

Nor is security the Airlines issue. Airlines have NO CONTROL over this procedure!

Below are a few pointers to help make the security process more efficient.  I rarely have any issues when passing through the detectors and bag scanners as I ALWAYS prepare myself whilst I wait in the line.


Sounds simple, right?  Really think hard about what you are wanting for the flight.  Do you really need an electric shaver or hair straighteners for a 2 hour flight?   An over packed bag may cause suspicions.

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The one thing that irritates me is watching people fumble over the taking off of their belts and watches.  You have been waiting in the queue to go through security for a good 20 minutes.  Why are you not prepared??  To save time for all of us have your belts, rings, watches packed into your baggage or in your hand to place in the tray.


Be ready to have your ID available to present to the security offer.  Have your passports/ID Card, Boarding pass readily available for inspection.  Not hard work!


Airline arrival times will differ from carrier to carrier and destination but ensure you give ample time to clear baggage check, security lines.  Check with your airline for any delays or changes.

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Footwear are a ‘grey’ area when it comes to security.  Just be prepared for the officer asking you to remove your shoes.  DO NOT try to argue with the security officer about ‘the last time you flew you were not asked to remove footwear’, although this may have been the case THIS is not the case on this occasion.  It is an argument YOU WILL LOSE.  Wear footwear that is easily removed.  As for coats, jackets and scarves – remove them.  Its that simple.


If you are carrying gifts for someone do not wrap it.  If a security officer wants to inspect the item then you will have to unwrap it.  Wrap the gift when you get to your final destination.

🛃   GADGETS:  

Ensure all your electric items are removed from your bag and ready to place in a tray.  This includes camera, Ipad/Pod, Smart devices, MP3 Players, Laptop etc.

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If you are travelling with a buggy (stroller) then have it ready to collapse to pass through the X-Ray machines.  Some Security officers may allow a buggy to remain open where they will swab it instead, but always be prepared to collapse it.


Act ‘normal’.  Belligerent behaviour, inappropriate jokes and threats are never tolerated.  This can lead to you missing your flight.  Be yourself.

🛃   LIQUIDS:  

This rule has been in place for years.  You are only allowed to take items if they are 100ml (3.4oz) and under, and, must be presented separately in a transparent bag (20cmx20cm) that has a seal.  A good indication of bag size is to fold a piece of A4 paper in half – that’s the size of the bag permitted.  If the items do not fit inside the bag then it does not go!

No bottles of water are allowed through – yoghurt, soups, toothpastes, mouthwashes, aftershaves etc.  If the items are not in a 100ml bottle or less THEY DO NOT GO and you will be asked to throw them away. More info on UK Hand baggage rules click on this link