Coffee Break



Have you ever wondered why coffee is liked so much?  How is it even possible to love coffee that much? Well, there are many reasons why people enjoy a good cup of coffee.

My love for coffee doesn’t go back that far. In fact it only goes as far as late Autumn 2011. I was struggling to wake up very early one morning before work and as I reached up for the teabags (my usual choice) I decided this particular morning tea just wouldn’t make the hit. I removed the coffee jar from the cupboard and scooped two teaspoon full of coffee into a mug. That’s when my love for coffee took over. From that morning onward I ditched the tea for a hot mug of coffee. Tea was only reserved for evenings.

It then grew from a morning ritual before work extending into a weekly Sunday morning tradition. My love for coffee has developed, but has grown more than ever the past few years. I exchanged instant from a jar for drip filtered coffee, that developed into the barista style coffee shop machines that have been designed for your own kitchen today.

I know it may seem silly to some to love something like a beverage as much as I do, but then again, it’s more than just a beverage to me. So, grab a cup of coffee and learn some of the reasons why I have a heart for it.


There is no smell I love waking up to more than fresh brewed coffee, especially on Sunday mornings. There is just something so inviting about the smell of coffee that makes me feel ready to face the day or feel renewed midday. As a treat I may add a drop of flavoured Pumpkin or Salted Caramel syrup to enhance the experience.


Since that pivotal moment back in 2011 I have always enjoyed the taste of coffee – it was never something I had get used to.  I appreciate the taste of coffee without any creamers or sugar. I can’t tell you how exhilarated I was when I began to be able to taste the difference between the different roasts and brands. When you appreciate coffee for more than the caffeine it provides, that’s when you truly begin to love coffee.


Now, don’t get me wrong…I do love coffee for the caffeine it provides! Some days coffee really is the only thing that can get me up and feeling like I can accomplish my goals. It gives me the boost I need to stay focused and energised. It’s that little pick-me-up in the afternoon.


There is nothing more inviting and comforting than conversations over coffee. I am fortunate that my social circle of friends are all coffee drinkers too. This has become a trend in today’s culture – going on coffee dates, meeting up for coffee, etc. Unlike a few trends, this is actually a good trend that should stay. Coffee and conversation just make sense. I have engaged in so many awesome conversations over coffee with a ton of different people from my work life to friends, to friends of friends. The warmth of coffee just sets the tone of acceptance and understanding, that is why I believe it’s the most conversational beverage.


Believe it or not, coffee helps me relax. Like I have mentioned before, from its aroma to its taste, it’s overall an inviting experience. Coffee is so enticing, I think it’s just natural for me that I feel comforted and at ease when I can sit back and enjoy a cup.


Coffee beans grow all over the world, that means coffee can be widely diverse. If you’re a lover of coffee because of the taste like I am, then I’m sure you have an appreciate for different origins. From Ethiopia, to Brazil, to Columbia and further beyond…coffee is filled with character and unique qualities. Coffee really is a form of art, and where it’s from is where the art begins.