Baggage Tips

For a baggage handler at any airport stacking bags of various sizes and styles are all in a days work.   These people are just as important to any successful flight as the cabin crew.

To ensure they can do their jobs fully and to reduce any unforeseen inconveniences to you here are some simple ‘rules of thumb’.

🛄  If you are going to buy a bag aim to get one with a bottom handle and a top handle.  This enables the handler to lift and stack the bag easily, in turn means, you bag is handles much safer and with greater care.

🛄  Try and pack a bag accordingly to its size.  This means do not have a large bag but only half fill it.  Aim to pack the bag fully.  This is not to say take more stuff with you.  Remember there is a weight allowance and any excess incurs a charge.  If you are going away for  weekend pack a weekend bag as opposed to a bag you may take when going away for a week or two.   A adequately packed bag means it is less likely to be squashed by other baggage on top of it.

🛄  Buy a well structured bag.   Most  companies brand their baggage as ‘Super light-weight’ suitcases; that all sounds terribly agreeable when you are thinking of your allowance but remember this:  These bags are made of a light weight structure which means they are basically a tent!!   Buy a bag that maybe heavier but you know the frame structure is strong and will be able to withstand a good battering over the years. 

🛄  Try and purchase a bag with Four wheels as opposed to Two wheels and an extension handle.   Bags with Four wheels can be pushed to another work colleague once set-down.  A Two wheeled bag is more likely to be thrown to a colleague.

🛄  There is a term in Aviation called “FOD”.   FOD is ‘foreign objects’.   Downsize or completely remove baggage labels.  Anything that falls onto the ground must be cleaned up immediately to reduce any potential threats to aircraft or machinery working nearby.    If you do feel the need to label the baggage (remember the barcode on the airport tag from check-in has all your details on it from the airline booking)  keep it small or even better ensure the bag has a hidden name tag already built into it.

🛄  Car seats and Buggies/Strollers:  Wrap them in plastic bags.   You will be shocked the number of times the loose straps get caught and jam up airport machinery that can all lead to delays in baggage transfers and possibly missing flights.  Remember a plane will not wait for baggage.  

🛄  Stay away from designer bags!!!  For goodness sake why do you buy designer Louis Vuitton baggage??  Is it to make yourself look higher class?  Give a sense of wealth?  Quite embarrassing especially if you collect it off a ‘low-fare’ airline.

Remember this….  An expensive bag is not going to make baggage handler treat it with anymore respect.  These guys are on a fast and tight time schedule.   Whats more, airplane holds are filthy!  Do you really want your designer bag becoming dirty??  Its a travel hazard – no compensation will be given.  

Follow these simple rules and you are more likely to encounter fewer baggage issues, and, disappointment.