Airport Etiquette

Unless you are travelling First or Business Class, or you are a lover of air travel and airports, the likelihood of flying anywhere is not much fun. As an experienced traveller and having worked in the industry it often feels like over the past 10-15 years peoples manner have died.

It continually surprises me how difficult people find airport security!  It has always been part of the flying experience.  Of course due to the terrorist attacks in 2001 and, the introduction of the ‘Liquid’ restrictions in 2006, I still cannot comprehend how people are still totally unprepared for the procedure! More info on UK liquid restrictions can be found by using this link 

In any airport around the world (and I have passed through a fair few) the procedure is pretty much always the same.  There are members of airport staff addressing the queue of people to pass through security advising what can and cannot be taken through, along with information boards adorning the area…. yet people still find this difficult to understand!  No wonder there are always vast lines of agitated people waiting to pass through airport security because inevitably its these ‘disorganised’ people holding up the line.  Come on!  These rules have been in place for over 10 years now!

We all want an easy and smooth process whilst flying so adopting these simple rules would make it pleasurable for us all…….

Thou Shalt turn off your phone 

If you do feel the need to make a telephone call in close proximity to fellow travellers then do us all a favour and talk quietly!  Face-Time or Skype is a massive no-no as we do not need to hear both sides of the conversation.  Go and find a secluded spot so you do not agitate people.  You know exactly who you are!

Likewise once on board the aircraft turn the phone into ‘flight mode’ or off. Not only is this most airlines requirement but no one wants to hear the annoying beeping of peoples text messages and alarm clocks going off.  You are on a flight – who exactly are you wanting to contact?!

Thou Shalt No Bring Stinky Food

Thanks to the fact there are no widows to open which allows fresh air the last thing anyone wants to subject themselves to is a greasy burger or leftover Chinese take-out, especially if you are on a short flight.  I am sure you will not starve!

Thou Shalt Not Smell Of B.O

For the love of everyone take a shower that day and use good deodorant. Likewise, ease up on the eau de toilet and aftershaves….Less is more!

Remember That You Are A Parent

Sure you maybe heading on holiday but that is no excuse to have a break from the kids!  We all know controlling children in a confined space can be somewhat tricky but no one wants to hear you screaming at your children to behave, or, becoming irritated by your children running amok running up and down the aircraft aisles whilst you do not give a care in the world whats going on around you.

Remember on an aircraft a cart is a great weapon in controlling your children. And another thing keep your children from kicking and climbing the seats around them.  Why would you find this acceptable behaviour?  

Honour The Queue

Of course to yourself you are probably a ‘big deal’ and your time is somewhat precious but you will not get around any faster.  Remember an airport is a sealed area.  Where you going to go?  All you will do is annoy people.

The Plane Shalt Not Leave Without You  

Unless you are stupidly late due to shopping in Duty Free or finishing that oversized burger before your 3 hour flight the plane will not leave without you if you are at the gate area.  I am always amazed as soon as the gate agent calls for the flight to board people run as if its the ‘Black Friday’ sales wrestling fellow travellers out of the way.  Most airlines call the flight by seat row number for a reason to speed up the process and relieve congestion inside the cabin – respect those announcements!  If you want to board first then buy a Business ticket not a cheap ‘Web’ fare or earn your right by a loyalty card.

Thou Shalt Share The Armrests

The poor individual who sits in the middle seat has rights to both armrests. End of chat!

Thou Shalt Use Your Inner Voice

Whats more aggravating than sat onboard a flight and the person behind you feels the need to project their life schedule or cackling.  Keep your voice down.  This is not your home or office.  

Thou Shalt Respect Meal Time

 What is more annoying than someone who puts back the seat in front of you so their head is only inches from your face, especially on a short flight? Oh that’s right.  The person who does this at meal times!  

On all inflight services sit upright so the person behind can enjoy their inflight meal in relative comfort also.  If you fail to do this the cabin crew will only embarrass you in front of everyone.  Cabin Crew are ruthless and have no mercy for ignorance.  Remember its their office space!​

Thou Shalt Turn The Volume Down On All Electrical Devices

 Turn the sound off on your tablets/Phones etc.  No one wants to hear the ‘beeping’ of the next level of Candy Crush.

Thou Shalt Not Unpack In The Aisle

Why do people behave like animals I will never understand.  Try not to hold up the aisle whilst a line forms behind you as you decide to repack your hand baggage before taking your seat.  

You had all the time in the world waiting for the flight to board at the gate area.   Sort out what you need and stow your bags in the overhead lockers or under the seat infront of you.